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tv   A Healthy You Carol Alt  FOXNEWSW  February 9, 2014 1:00pm-1:31pm PST

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welcome to "a healthy you." i'm carol alt. today's show focuses on different ways to make yourself healthier by using idea outside the box. from natural deodorants to making changes in the fast food industry. first up, the dirty dozen hormone altering chemicals. yep, you heard it right. the dirty dozen chemicals that you could be ingesting. how do you know if you are? where are they? how do they alter hormones? and what does that do to our health? and how do you cut them out? no worries, we have heather white, executive director of the environmental working group here with us to talk about the dirty dozen and how you can avoid
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them. heather, thank you for joining us. by the way, your group does a lot great work. i get your e-mails all the time, so thank you for being on the show. >> thank you, carol, it's a pleasure. >> hormone altering chemicals in the food, in the things that we touch every day, there's a lot of information here. so we're going to do this like a little game. i'm going to point to something, you tell me what the hormone-altering drug is, what it does and how to avoid it. how does that sound to you? >> sounds great. >> we are all set up here, let's start over here with receipts. what's in a receipt? >> bpa, and this is a synthetic estrogen. >> i guess i don't want to trust that, right? >> you probably don't want to. and bpa has been found in the bodice of 93% of americans according to government tests. and it's been associated with everything from heart disease to obesity. and it affects our hormone systems. so it's also found in the lining of canned foods, so we recommend that you choose fresh food when you can over canned. and avoid your receipts when you can. what i do in my purse, i have an
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envelope where i put them, because the bpa helps bind the ink to the paper. >> so they can't avoid it, so you can to avoid it. so this is a big one, this is regular old tap water drinking water. all my friends say, i love new york city tap water and go, are you kidding me? but now you can tell them because they don't listen to me. what's in it? >> depends where you live. we have a great resource on our website, >> say that slowly? >>, environmental working group. you can look at the water in your area by zip code. >> what's in public drinking water? >> we find three hormone altering chemicals include iing atrazine, perchlorate and we also find arsenic.
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low levels of atrazine have turned male frogs into female frogs with viable eggs. >> oh, my gosh. >> when it comes to humans, there's concern about prostate inflammation and cancer and how it affects our hormone system. >> so a good filter would be great. >> that's key. same with perchlorate. it disrupts your thyroid and prevents you from taking up iodine which is essential to make more hormones. >> and arsenic, we have eggs and butter. please don't tell me that eggs are terrible. >> eggs are not terrible but they have a lot of dioxin in them. it is hard to avoid coming from industrial processes, basically when chemicals are made in the process. they are powerful carcinogens and lead to fertility issues.
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limit your animal products. >> mercury in canned tuna. >> mercury is a powerful neurotoxin. it is the biggest source of exposure from the fish we eat, from can coal-burning plants that gets into the water. and we want to limit our intake. good recommendation is wild salmon. >> and this is -- >> these are -- >> shampoo and body washes. >> shampoo and body washes. sal phthalates can cause issues with fertility. and you can go to skin deep, it's an app, to look for phthalate-free items. >> fire retardant. >> fire retardants unfortunately are everywhere. >> is this like memory foam? >> they are in all sorts of foams, just like the ones you sleep in before 2005. they are in our bodies and are
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in breast milk and disrupt the thyroider and neurological development. >> and lipstick? >> there's lead in bright red lipsticks and there's no safe level of red. >> don't wear red. >> and drinking water is another source of contamination in lead paint. >> okay. household cleaners. >> ethers are associated with fertility issues as well as allergies, so choose green cleaners. >> we are going to do a segment on that coming up. >> and these are non-stick chemicals with perflourinated chemicals. they cause heart disease to infertility. use stainless steel and cast-iron. >> i have stainless steel from my grandma. and what is this one, green? >> eat your fruits and
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vegetables, leafy greens. buy organic when it comes to kale because of organic pesticides, which are also known toxins that affect the thyroid and fertility issues. >> goodness. thank you so much. you're telling us that you also have a book to get online, right? at the we are a nonprofit organization. >> perfect. you can get that and have it in your hand. >> absolutely. >> thank you so much for joining me, heather. >> thank you, carol, it's a pleasure. >> can deodorant cause breast cancer? it's a question i have been wondering about for years. and there's so much debate about it. so when we return, we have the founder of a natural deodorant company here to show us how to keep fresh and clean without all the chemicals. ciatand clean without the chemicals. [ female announcer ] a classic macaroni & cheese from stouffer's starts with freshly-made pasta, and 100% real cheddar cheese. but what makes stouffer's mac n' cheese best of all. that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. made with care for you or your family.
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welcome back. have you ever been in a bus,
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train or a crowded room and thought, oh, my, stinks. why don't they put on some deodorant? come on, i'm sure you have. i know i have. well, wearing deodorant or anti-percent pant filled with chemicals is not always ideal, especially because studies have found chemicals in some of the deodorants may contribute to breast cancer. personally i would rather smell than deal with cancer. so my next guest has come up with an all natural solution to keep you cancer-free and not so smelly at the same time. she's jamie smitz, founder of schmidts deodorant. thank you for this dee oodorant because i actually use this. we'll talk about the issues in deodorant, like aluminum. i know aluminum plugs the pores and stops the wetness from coming through, but it can also leak into the system, isn't that correct? >> yes. >> so it's not something you really want to be putting
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something under your arms after you shave, for example. >> right. >> and pair fins? >> parrafins are synthetics companies use because they are cheap. >> what about phalates? >> these are used to help get the product to stick to the skin. it will be a stain color. >> it will help it to stay on the skin. >> those are cheap. that's why a lot of bigger companies use them because they don't cost much. >> everything is so super cheap without regard to health, right? >> exactly. every one of these chemicals has been shown to disrupt your hormones. >> that's always a big thing. everything seems to disrupt hormones. >> and that, when you disrupt hormones, can set the whole body off. >> exactly. >> talk to me about the ingredients in your skin care line? i have to tell you that i was using baking soda, but baking soda actually leaves a mark in you sweat a lot. i'm not a big sweater, but sometimes you do.
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and sometimes it leaves a white mark. so i've been using your deodorant just to talk about it, and it leaves no sweat mark whatsoever. >> we use baking soda because it neutralizes the odor. and it also kills bacteria. >> and you use what extract? >> we use happen extract. and we use vitamin e for the preservative. we chose to use one dried from soy. >> vitamin e seems to seizure to find. >> yeah, it is. some of the larger deodorant manufacturers just choose parabins but they are cheap. can this be used as an
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anti-perspirant. that will stop you from sweating, the aluminum clogs the pores so what do you use? >> aeroroot powder. >> aeroroot? >> yes, that absorbs the moisture. >> can i ask you how you thought of making this product? >> yeah, i was just personally really frustrated with most of the deodorants on the market. basically how i got into this was, gosh, when my son was born, about four years ago. and i just really started looking at the chemicals in a lot of body care products. and then i had paid attention before, but not so much -- once you have a kid those things change. so i made the decision to do more research and try to make my own. i was making soaps, shampoos and lotions and things. >> and all chemical-free? >> uh-huh. >> do you still make the shampoos? >> i do a little. i mess around with some recipes sometimes, but the deodorant i am passionate about because i personally was not able to --
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>> and sometimes it is by your breast, lymph nodes are in your arm and neck, so you are opening up the skin to absorb the deodorant you're using. the all-natural chemical, before i found you, i was using baking soda or salt and sometimes i was like, is that me? because you never know with these things and are always questioning. this seems to work very well. i did have one criticism of this, so if people want to get it, this is such a great consistency. i don't know if you guys can get in there to see it. it comes like that. why don't you put it into one of those things with the little hole on top to squeeze through. >> that's a really good question. >> because this sucker hurts under my arm, so i was using my finger, but it is such a great deodorant and so healthy for you that i didn't mind that. >> well, the spatula, the reason those are included is to be anti-bacterial. we don't put them in there for
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you to actually apply. >> oh, so it is just for -- >> but then how do you apply, with your fingers? >> you will warm it in your finger tips and it rubs on like a lotion. the reason we chose these is because the glass is a lot more sustainable. people are really happy to have the conventional to the alternative plastic. >> so you're looking at this as a whole sustainable thing. i can appreciate that. i take back my criticism and will learn to use my fingers with it. thank you so much for coming on, jamie. it's a great idea. we wish you all the luck. >> thank you. we have all hard about the pitfalls of the fast food industry. i could go on for days, but did you know you could help change the type of food restaurants serve? and it is simple. we are here to explain it all right after this break. lean antibiotic-free ham... and vermont white cheddar.
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hi, welcome back. a few months ago the fast food change chick-fil-a said they were going to remove artificial dye by themselves. the food babe wrote a post in 2011 noting that the change's popular sandwich had nearly 100 ingredients, including peanut oil with tbha, a chemical made from butane. can you believe people were eating butane? today bonnie joins me in the studio to talk about making a difference in the fast food industry. bonnie, so great to see you. >> great to see you, carol. i'm so excited to be here. >> i'm glad to have you because this opens up another door to
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nutrition. when people talk about fast food all the time and how come they are not nutritious, they go too fast. then you went to the dyes and the high fructose corn syrups. you went to the fact that it has butane in it or the derivative of it. >> it's called tbhq and something added to a lot of fast food products to make it preserve and stay fresh longer. and to be able to preserve the oil that they fry all the food in. so it allows them to keep oil longer and use it over and over. i mean, not to mention the oils they are using so so inflammatory, they are completely up flaming the digestive system, the whole body, and you wonder why we are having this increase of all these different diseases. >> inflammation is a very big one. no matter how much alkaline water you drink, you have to stop causing the inflammation which can come from your food. so you took it upon yourself to
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take on the fast food industry. good for you, girlfriend. >> thank you. >> and they actually took notice and you went up to their offices. >> i did. and, you know, one of the things that i realized really quickly when i started is that i started to share this information. i wanted them to feel as good as i did. i wanted to tell them the secrets of how i was able to change my life and completely turn around and feel, you know, a million times better than i did ten years ago. >> how did that go for you? >> i came across a lot of resistance. they want me to look in his pantry. if they want to read what i write and listen, fine, if not, so be it. as soon as i wrote about chick-fil-a and showed the ingredient list and showed the chemical ingredients, my family started to wake up. they started to realize. and my friends started to wake
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up and they started sharing this information with their friends and family. and then you went on to someone else. >> you went on to subway. >> yes. >> what did you find in subway? >> subway is one of those sandwiches that i -- when i was working a 9:00 to 5:00 job, it was the thing i went to for lunch, because i thought it was healthy. >> the fat guy who became very thin and was famous because of it. >> i quickly realized thin doesn't mean healthy. >> give me five on that one. >> and it was unbelievable the ingredients that i found out about what was in one of their most healthy labeled sandwiches, which was the nine-grain bread, has an ingredient called azodicarbonamide. if you get caught finding it, you can be fined $450,000 and
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jail. >> why don't we do that here? why can't we be healthy in this industry? >> the food industry is in the pockets of the lawmakers. and they are allowing -- the fda is allowing food camps to use this chemical in a small amount, but if they are using this chemical in a small amount and that chemical in a small amount -- >> what else did you find in the sandwiches? >> goodness, they are full of genetically engineered ingredients, absolutely full. one of the things that really scared me about knowing that gmos are everywhere and you don't know if you are eating them because they are not labelled in this country, which is a true injustice in this world. >> true up justice. what scared you? >> when i found out that corn is allowed to be planted here in the united states, that if an insect eats that corn, the insect's stomach explodes. >> right. >> if the insect's stomach is exploding, what's happening to us when we eat that corps? >> absolutely. >> let's have them tested long-term on humans to imagine someone eating this three times
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a day to lose weight because of the calories but not looking at the ingredients, i feel really bad for jared right now. i'm wondering about his health. >> absolutely. i don't know why people don't make that connection, their health is intricately tied to their holt. have you approached subway yet? >> i'm planning to do something. they are one of the fast food giants that have not responded yet. and you know what? they are the fastest growing one all over the world. and they really have a responsibility because they are an american company. >> they need to be healthy. here's the big thing, all of us guys out there, we have the ability to change this because really the reason that chick-fil-a talked to you is because people started asking. so start questioning your food. voni, thank you for opening our eyes. i can't believe you can remember all those heavy words. good for you. coming up next, our account
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welcome back. today's "ask carol" question comes from frankie ann. she says, i would like to get more veggies in my diet, however i dislike most veggies and the ones i do like are either the starchy ones or get boring after a while and i stop eating them for a bit. any suggestions? there are so many things you can do besides making salads. in fact, pick up any raw book and you can make some amazing recipes with raw vegetables.
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i've seen ravilois made with them, some types of spaghetti and dessert. i have three books you may find in your library, but the last two have at least 250 recipes between them. most of which are all veggies. i don't think you can get bored on these if you tried. i think you can make one recipe practically every night of the year and never get bored. so my suggestion? change your thinking. open your mind. try something new. oh, and before we go, on another note, i wanted to give you a follow-up on my thoughts to gum. some people didn't think i went hog wild enough on gum, so okay, it's aging you and giving you embarrassing gas isn't enough, gum can also be made from petroleum, yeah, i know, oil, and sugarless gum contains neurotoxins likes asparthame.
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that's it for today. i hope you enjoyed the show. until next week, i hope you learn to be more of a healthy you. hi, everyone. i'm jamie colbiment and i guarantee you that you will be glad you tuned in today for "sunday housecall." >> every week, i'm eric shawn. welcome us to "housecall." welcoming us is marc siegal. >> and wait, there's more. you get dr. david samadi, chief of robotic surgery at lennox hospital. doctors, welcome. great to have you here. there was a new warning that come out from the american heart association this weekend. a lot of people are now


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